Map & Timetable

Map & Timetable
Correct at 19th June 2016

Below is a map of the area covered by the Ring & Ride.

Map of R&R Area

Map of R&R Area

Tavistock Town Service – Fare £1.80 (return)
Monday – First Pick-up: 10.45am – Return at 1pm
Tuesday – First Pick-up: 11am – Return at 1pm
Wednesday – First Pick-up: 10.15am – Return at 1pm
Thursday – First Pick-up: 10.15am – Return at 1pm
Friday – First Pick-up: 11.20am – Return at 12.45pm

Village Service
Monday: Fare £2.30
Lifton: from 11am – Return at 1pm
Bridestowe: from 10.20am – Return at 1pm
Mary Tavy: from 10.20am – Return at 1pm

Tuesday: Fare £2.30
Bere Peninsula: from 10.20am – Return at 1pm
Mary Tavy, Peter Tavy: from 10.20am – Return at 12.45am

Wednesday: Fare £2.30
Horrabridge, Yelverton, Crapstone, Buckland Monachorum: from 10.30am – Return at 1.30pm
Dousland, Princetown: from 10.30am – Return at 12.30pm
Lamerton: from 10.40am – Return at 12.15pm

Thursday: Fare £3.50
to Plymouth – First Pick-up at 10.20am – Return at 1pm

Friday: Fare £2.30
Mary Tavy, Bridestowe, Lewdown: from 10.20am – Return 1pm
Lifton, Chillaton: from 10.20am – Return at 1pm
Milton Abbott: from 10.45am – Return at 12.45pm

For any further information, please ring our Co-Ordinator.
Office opening times: 9.30am to 12.30pm ~ Monday to Friday
Answerphone at all other times.